Winter is Coming! 3 Sweaters to Crochet this Fall

Updated: Sep 3

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I LOVE sweaters! Primarily cardigans. When fall hits I am all about the layers and staying cozy and warm. This morning in Virginia it was 34 degrees! Brrrrrrrr. I have been doing a massive amount of crocheting this year and normally I crochet things like blankets, beanies and accessories. Those are pretty popular go-to items. As I was searching through patterns I came across several cardigans and sweaters that were so cute. I often stay away from sewing clothing because I just never liked the way it turned out or fit me. I had never tried crocheting though so I thought what the heck! I'll give it a try.

The first cardigan that I highly recommend making(because this is the first one I made and loved it) is the Staycation Cardigan, found HERE. The yarn suggested for this pattern and what I used is the Lion Brand Touch of Alpaca, color Jade. I found most of the yarn on Amazon and also purchase some at Joann's based on seasonal deals going on.

This was my first time crocheting a cardigan and I found the pattern very helpful. The pattern was easy to understand and there were great pictures to assure me I was on the right track. Sometimes you will find free patterns for crocheting, but usually if you pay for a pattern you get access to a lot more pictures and details not to mention assistance from the designer if you need it. They also sometimes include video tutorials which I love. If you are a beginner I would suggest purchasing a pattern for extra assistance.

You can see the finished product below. I also had a leftover skein so I decided to create a small shawl for Nora. I went with a simple one piece and created my own pattern which you can find HERE . You can find this pattern and more in the pattern section of my blog. We took a trip out to Shenandoah National Park this week so it was a great opportunity to wear our sweaters and take some pictures. A big thank you to my husband for being our photographer as well!

After completing this cardigan I was excited to move onto some more sweaters as we prepare for the cold Virginia weather. I took a look at some more patterns from Make & Do Crew and fell in love with this Alpine Poncho found HERE . The yarn used for this pattern is Lion Brand Touch of Alpaca, color Taupe. I love the shawl look of the sweater. I think this will be slightly easier than the previous sweater as you are not doing any increase or decrease stitches, which can be a little tricky.

Here is the finished product. This shawl came together great. Once you get the cluster pattern down it moves very quickly. I wanted to create a similar look for my daughter so I came up with a shawl that used the same stitch. I used one skein for her shawl and you can find the free pattern HERE. We visited a cute local park in Culpeper and you can tell winter is approaching quickly!

The final sweater I plan to make this fall is the Rosewood Cardigan found HERE. I like the lightweight look of this cardigan and I chose this one to do last because I think the color will be great in spring so I have plenty of time to finish it and wear it. It uses a lightweight cotton/bamboo yarn so it won't be too heavy as the weather warms up. The yarn used here is Lion Brand Caboo - color Mauve. They have several choices of colors if pink is not your thing.

This designer also offers a free pattern, but I can't stress enough the extra help you get by purchasing the pattern. It's great to support your local designers as well. She also does Crochet-Alongs where you can complete the piece with a group of people online and she is there to help you.

This cardigan took probably twice the amount of time as the other two because it uses a smaller yarn, but I loved the way it came out and you can see so much detail in it. Below you can see how it came out. I made a size small since I am short and didn't want it to be too long. You'll probably notice I wore this for our baby announcement! It's a perfect larger sweater that will still fit(hopefully) when I'm in the later stage of pregnancy. I also included a picture with our pups so they wouldn't feel left out!

I look forward to wearing this light sweater throughout the spring.

All of these patterns require a tapestry needle for sewing the pieces together. I recommend these needles as they offer a range of sizes and also some bent needles which I find really helpful with crochet projects.

Another product I came across were these stitch markers. To be honest I rarely used stitch markers until I started making these sweaters and I have been missing out! These are great and wont get caught in your yarn like a regular safety pin. You can find them on Amazon below, but I was able to pick some up at my local Joann's store.

I hope this helps in your search for great projects and designs. I would love to see what you are making so be sure to comment below.

Thanks for reading!


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