Is Arbonne right for you?

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

I started my Arbonne business in August 2014 and this month marks my 5th year doing Arbonne! Wow, it has gone fast! Even though I have moved three times during this time Arbonne is so easy to pick up and take with me wherever I go because this busines can be done entirely online!

I started using Arbonne in 2014 when my roommate, and fellow consultant introduced me to the nutrition products. From the get go I was hooked on the protein powder. At the time I was doing social work and my schedule always varied so it made for a quick meal or breakfast on the go. Click the photo below to see all of our nutrition products.

For me, the benefits of the nutrition line is that it is whey and dairy free. I am sensitive to dairy so I have to watch how much I consume. Whey can be very difficult to digest as well. There are so many supplements to add in which I will cover in another post soon!

So this was my introduction to Arbonne. As I continued to use the products, I realized becoming a Preferred Client or Consultant had some great benefits. I decided to become a consultant where I get a 35-50% discount on products and I also have the ability to make extra money if I shared the products with others. Some people refer to this as "selling". I can't tell you how many times I hear "I'm not a sales person" - YES YOU ARE. WE ALL ARE! Guess what??? No matter what you do or where you work you are either selling a good, a service, or you are selling yourself. As a social worker I had to sell our company to people all the time. I had to sell myself to my clients and build their trust. I had to sell our services and show people that they worked. I also had to believe that the services worked in order to do this effectively.

So this is how I feel about Arbonne. I love using their products and when I share them with others I often make money. Obviously you can take this into a full-time gig and do many things, but for me I like having this as extra income and I use the income to purchase the products I use. It's Win Win! If I go to a movie and I love it, I often share that with someone else right? But is the movie paying me when that person goes to see the movie??? NOPE. We do this ALL the time.

If you want to check out all of our products click the picture below.

Stay tuned for more posts about my personal experience with the products. Do you use Arbonne products??? Tell me which ones you love below!

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