Tortilla Warmer Tutorial

Updated: Feb 1

Make your own Tortilla Warmer here with this free tutorial!

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I had always wanted to make my own tortillas and one great thing that has come out of this quarantine was I finally took the time to try it out. Guess what??? It's actually really simple! HERE is the recipe I used. I feel like I can never eat store bought tortillas again. They are incomparable. The key ingredient in these tortillas is butter. It just gives it that warm buttery taste that you don't get from store bought tortillas.

Because I have been baking so much as well during this quarantine, I have had trouble finding flour at the store. I decided to buy this 25 lb bag of flour which sounds like a lot, but when you are making your own bread, tortillas, baked goods, etc you run through it super fast. I have also really been wanting this Tortilla Press that will save a lot of time so I don't have to roll each one by hand.

So after making so many tortillas I wanted to find a nice way to store them and keep them warm for mealtime. I have made a tortillas warmer before, but it was a little more time consuming than I wanted. I decided to make a more simple version that also uses Wrap n Zap Cotton Batting so I can use the tortilla warmer to reheat tortillas in the microwave as well.

Below you'll find the Tortilla Warmer Pattern with lots of helpful photos!


1 /2 yard fabric - The Fat Quarters sold at Joann Fabrics or HERE are perfect size - You will need 2 Fat Quarters

Wrap n Zap Batting - Regular batting is fine if you don't plan to microwave it





Sewing Machine

1. Cut 2 circles from all 3 fabrics that are 10 inches in diameter.

2. Place the batting on the bottom, solid color in the middle and the pattern piece on top, but pattern side down.

3. Sew around half of the circle. Then cut notches around the sewn edge so the seam will lie flat when turned right side out.

4. Turn the circles right side out. The batting will be sandwiched between the material. Iron the seam flat.

5. Now place the pattern material of both circles together and sew along the other side of the circle. Cut notches along the sewn section.

6. Turn the piece right side out and you now have your tortilla warmer! Easy Peasy!

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