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Updated: May 19

In My Heart is a cute little book I picked up from Target last month. It is such a helpful book to let a child know you are thinking about them when you are gone during the day. Whether you are at a job, running errands. or some other reason it reminds them you are thinking about them. I am currently a stay at home mom, but I do leave the house or go places without the kids, so I like to read this to them to reinforce that I am still thinking about them. It's so cute the way the mom helps the little girl know she's thinking of her and misses her by talking about the little things she does during her day such as eating the same meal and looking at photos of her child. She doesn't specify that she is at work or where she is and I like that so this book can be used in different ways. We found this book at Target, but you can also find it HERE and it's currently on sale!

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There is an adorable blue elephant that you find the little girl holding throughout the book. I decided this is what I would make to complement the book. I searched high and low for a pattern I liked, but couldn't settle on anything. I decided I would just try making it on my own. I think the hardest part was figuring out the trunk and the ears. I had to look at so many pictures to really figure out what the ears were supposed to look like and I think I got close! I am writing up this pattern, called Louie the Elephant, but I'm making a few changes still. It will be available in my ETSY SHOP This didn't take much yarn at all. Depending on the thickness of the yarn you choose, you could make this much smaller or much bigger. Of course when doing Amigurumi you usually need Plastic Safety Eyes and Stitch Markers. Other than that you can keep it pretty simple.

I think it's safe to say my baby boy and little girl loved Louis the Elephant. He was super soft and snuggly. I will have to keep Louie high on the bookshelf so he doesn't get too much slobber on him!

I hope to have the pattern for Louie the Elephant available soon and will share with all of you when it is!

Thanks for stopping by! Happy Crafting!

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