Stories and Stitches - Blanket: Journey to Extreme Coziness

Updated: May 19

So normally we spend a lot of time at the library checking out children's books each week. With Covid-19, it's now been almost a year since we've been to the library. I say "normally", but now I guess this is how it is, for now, but hopefully we'll get back to it soon.

So since we don't go to the library much, we've invested in more books than usual. I don't mind this, but the library really is a great place with a ton of books and you don't have to buy them!

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I have really enjoyed finding super special books or ones that I think my kids will like for awhile. While perusing books, I came across a book that, to be honest, I just had to have. Blanket: Journey to Extreme Coziness is a cute little story about wrapping up in a blanket and getting super cozy. When I saw the blanket, I knew it was a good excuse to crochet one and use it while reading the book.

The blanket in the story is a neutral color in what I perceived as a thick soft yarn. I received this beautiful book Modern Crochet for Christmas last year and it has the perfect blanket pattern. The Bainet Throw Blanket was the perfect size and thickness that I was looking for. Debrosse's patterns are simple and very easy to follow. This is an amazing beginner book for crochet and is a good reminder that you don't need to use intricate and difficult stitches to create a beautiful design.

Once I picked out a design, I purchased my yarn. I used Lion Brand Wool Ease - Thick and Quick in Oatmeal . This is a nice soft yarn and because it is a bulky yarn the crocheting goes pretty fast! I got lucky and found that this particular color yarn was half the price of other colors and it was a pretty close color match.

The pattern called for a size P hook, but of course I didn't have that on hand so I used a size N hook, which is just slightly smaller. I don't think this made too much of a difference and I also made sure to do a looser stitch throughout.

You can see some of the stitches up close here. The main stitch is a single crochet, but because it is done in the back loops it has a little more texture to it. This pattern was also different because you don't turn it at the end of each row. You tie the yarn off and start a new row on the right side.

As you can see below we had a great time with the blanket and the book. I enjoyed creating some extra fun to go along with the book. I suppose this was also some hands on learning for both us. Doing some sort of activity along with a book helps to make the book more memorable. The book also had a very cute tutorial on how to make a blanket cocoon so we were able to put it into practice!

As always, I hope this inspires some creativity. If not through crochet, then something else :) Happy Crafting!

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