Stella Spiral Beanie Pattern

This is an adult size beanie and it is a fitted beanie. If you would like a looser beanie I have included notes on how to increase the size.

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Yarn - I used Heartland Yarn from Lion Brand

Crochet Hook size J-10(6mm)

Tapestry Needle - I use THESE

Puff (optional) – I used THESE


Foundation Row: Ch 7

Row 1: hdc into second loop from hook and across (5)

Row 2: Ch 1, hdc into first st. Hdcblo into the next 3 sts. Hdc into last st.

Row 3-48: Repeat row 2. If you need to increase the circumference or fit of the beanie end on a even number of rows.

Row 49: sl st the ribbing together

We will now work on the body of the beanie. We will work the beanie from the inside then turn it right side out at the end.

Row 50: Sc in each st around the ribbing and join together with a sl st.

Row 51: ch 1, sc in first st, dc in next st. Continue this pattern all the way around and join with a sl st.

Row 52: ch 2, dc in first st, sc in next st. Continue this pattern all the way around.

Repeat Rows 51 and 52 until you have 20 rows(or more if desired) Tie off, but leave 10 inches of yarn.

Using a tapestry needle, thread through every other stitch to cinch the bean together.

Continue to thread through the top as desired and tie off.

Now turn the beanie inside out – This is where you will see your spiral pattern.

You can add a puff to the top or leave it as is.


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