Cinnamon Pumpkin Pattern

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

Kick off the Fall season with this Cinnamon Pumpkin to decorate your home. This pattern offers 3 sizes (Small, Medium and Large) and by adding cinnamon sticks for a stem you have a wonderful fall scent! This project works up quickly, especially the small size, and can be completed in a day. The majority of this pattern is a double crochet stitch and I use a slip stitch to bring together the sides. You will also need a tapestry needle to gather the top and bottom parts of the pumpkin. If you are a beginner crocheter this is a great project to start with!

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1 Skein of size 4/medium weight yarn (285 yards/4.5 oz will allow you to make at least 2 of the pumpkins)

I used Impeccable yarn from Loops & Threads

Size 5 crochet hook

I love this Clover Crochet Hook because it has a nice ergonomic handle

Tapestry Needle

This Set works great

Cinnamon Sticks

For the large size I used 3, for the medium I used 2 and for the small I used 1 and broke it in half

Poly Fil - 16 oz should be plenty


The pattern is according to the Small size and for sizes Medium and Large refer to the numbers in the parentheses.

You can make your pumpkin taller by making a longer foundation row. You can make it wider by making more of row 3.


dc - double crochet

dc BLO - doube crochet in back loops only

sl st - slip stitch


Small ~ 5" wide and 3" tall

Medium~ 7" wide and 4" tall

Large~ 9" wide and 5" tall

Foundation Row

Chain 22 (med-32, large-42)

Row 1

In 2nd chain from hook dc across ending up with 20 dc (med-30, large-40)

Row 2 - 20 (med-30, large- 40)

Chain 2, then dc BLO n each stitch (small-20, med-30, large-40)

Once you have 20 rows for the small size(picture shows 10 rows) bring the sides together (row 1 and row 20) and sl st the rows together as shown in the second picture below. You will then stitch the circle closed at the end where the yarn is. Turn your work so the yarn and needle are on the inside. You will use Poly Fil to stuff the inside of the pumpkin.

Stitch around the top of the circle to close it up. Now take the needle and go through the pumpkin from the top to the bottom. You will need to pull the yarn tight to make the pumpkin shape. Add the cinnamon sticks to your liking and you're done!

These add just a small touch of Fall and I decided to put mine on our bookshelf. I hope you enjoy making these pumpkins as much as I did!

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