Pattern: Face Mask with Elastic and Pocket for Filter

Updated: Feb 1

Create your own Face Mask with this Easy Pattern!

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Welcome to the "new normal" these days with Covid-19. It's been a strange couple of months going through all of the changes with this virus. One of the major things I kept hearing about in early March was that there was a limited supply of masks available to help people stay safe.

Since I knew how to sew, I thought I would give it a try and see if I could contribute by sewing some for people. Over the end of March 2020 and most of April 2020 I made masks anytime my daughter was sleeping. Half of the masks I sold in my Etsy shop: CAFE LUNA DESIGN and the rest were donated. I was able to donate around 100 masks during this time to medical centers, elderly, children, and people with a compromised immune system.

Over that time I adapted a pattern I initially found on the Joann's website into something that was more user-friendly for people. The main thing I did was add a pocket in case people wanted to add an additional filter to their mask. Secondly, I changed the size a bit to fit better to the face. Adjusting the pleats also allowed for a better fit.

I've made the pattern below available so that others can continue to make this type of mask if they would like. The size will fit most women and men with a smaller face shape. Because the pattern is a rectangle, you can easily adjust the size to make it wider(ear to ear) or longer(nose to chin).


Quilter's Fabric - This is what I used, but mainly you want to use a cotton fabric so it is breathable - You can also use 1 Fat Quarter found HERE

Interfacing - This was in high demand so there wasn't much of it. Once I ran out I just started doubling my fabric.

Elastic - This was also in high demand so most of the time I purchased hair ties that were the perfect size

Sewing Machine



Rotary Cutter - Or Scissors

Quilter's Mat - Unless you are just using scissors

Quilter's Ruler - Or Ruler


1. Cut your desired size from the fabric and interfacing. If you are not using interfacing, cut 2 of the fabric. The main size mask uses a 10 x 12.5 inch rectangle. The 10 inches is the measurement from ear to ear and the 12.5 inches is nose to chin. Adjust this as you see fit. It may be easiest to make this size first and then make additional ones ones more specific to your face shape.

2. Next Iron on the interfacing to the wrong side of the fabric. If you are using 2 pieces of fabric instead of interfacing, lay these wrong sides together and iron them flat. Take the Ironed pieces and make a 1/4 inch fold at each end of the 12.5 inch side so that it now measures 12 inches. Iron these folds.

3. Sew these folds down 1/8-1/4 inch from the edge.

4. Now lay the fabric right side up. Fold each edge to the middle overlapping the pieces slightly.(we are creating our pocket here).

5. Pin the edges. Then insert one side of the elastic in and get ready to sew. Sewing the edges so that the elastic is inside the fabric at the top and bottom.

6. Place the other side of elastic at the bottom corner and sew each piece into the seam

7. Turn right side out and iron flat. You then want to make two pleats on the sides. This will create a pop-out space in the middle to fit around the nose and mouth. See photo of the pleats. You can also make these larger or smaller for your desired size.

8. Now sew around the entire mask about 1/4 inch from the edge.

Your mask is now complete! Congratulations!

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