Macrame Plant Hanger Tutorial for Beginners

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

After making a few of these plant hangers I thought I'd experiment with some of my own designs. I came up with a very simple pattern for the plant hanger below.

For this project, all you need are:

· 38 yards of 3ply, 1/8-inch Cotton Cord

· 1 Wooden or metal Ring

· Tape measure

· Scissors

You may want to purchase this kit with cord, wooden rings and other items to help you get started:

Measure and cut 8 strands that are 14 ft each. Insert the cords through the wooden or metal ring. You can now hang this on a hook so you can begin working. This can be a door handle, the back of a chair, something that allows the strands to hang down. See my picture here where I hung it on the back of a door.

I used one of those hooks for hanging a wreath on the back of your door. Just get creative, you don't have to do anything fancy!

Adjust the strands so that the strands over the front of the ring measure 5 ft. The strands on the back of the ring will measure 9ft.

Take 2 long strings from the back of the ring and make a half square knot around the remaining cords. You can view my video below to see how the half square knot is made. You will take the string on the left and make what looks like the letter 4 across the front of the strings. Then take the string on the right and wrap it behind the strings then through the "4" that you made. Then tighten the strings and guide them to the top.

Then continue to make half square knots for about 5 inches so you can see a couple of twists forming.

Separate the cords into 4 bundles and make sure that there are always 2 short cords and 2 longs cords in each bundle. Working with one bundle at a time., take the longer 2 strings and make half square knots until you have 13 inches. Repeat this with the remaining 3 bundles.

Now take 2 strings from one bundle and 2 strings from the bundle next to it, making sure you again have 2 long and 2 short strings. Taking the longer strings, make 2 square knots. To make a square knot, make a half square knot and make it a full square knot by making a second knot and making the "4" with the right string instead of the left string. Continue to do this with all of the bundles.

Repeat the previous step about 2-3 inches down from the previous square knots. You then want to tie off the plant hanger. you can do this easily by taking a piece of string and wrapping it around the bottom 3 or 4 times(as many times as you desire, I do more) and tying a knot. If you already have a pot you may want to place the pot into the hanger before tying it off in order to get an accurate measurement.

Here is the finished product!

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