Crossway Ear Warmer

Updated: Feb 9

This Ear Warmer is perfect when you want to keep your ears warm, but don't want to mess up your hair! I love beanies, but if I have done my hair I hesitate to wear one. A beanie will flatten all the work I just put into my hair. Am I right?! This Crossway Ear Warmer can be done in about an hour and uses a simple single crochet stitch. To get this pattern I alternate single crochet stitches with a ch.1 so really you are doing a single crochet in every other stitch. This is stitched in one piece and you will do a whip stitch with a tapestry needle to bring the ends together.

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22 grams of medium/size 4 yarn

I used 1 skein of Cobblestone-Slate from Lion Brand (This was more than enough yarn)

Size 5.5 crochet hook

I love this Clover Crochet Hook because it has a nice ergonomic handle

Tapestry Needle

This Set works great

Notes This pattern uses all single crochet stitches. You will alternate between a single crochet and chain 1 as you will be doing a single crochet in every other stitch to create the pattern.


sc - single crochet

ch - chain

st - stitch

Foundation - Ch 16

Row 1 - Ch 1, sc in 2nd chain from hook, * ch 1, skip ch, sc in next ch. Repeat from * until end of row (15 stitches total)

Row 2 - Ch 1, sc in 2nd ch from hook, *ch1, skip sp, sc in next sp. Repeat from * until end of row (15 stitches total)

Row 3 - Continue Row 2 until you have 65 Rows or until you have 18 inches. (See Chart Below for correct size)


Baby - 12 inches

Toddler - 14 inches

Child - 16 inches

Adult Small - 18 inches

Adult - 20 inches

Fold the ends of the head band in half like the picture below.

Wrap the ends together so they overlap. Both sides of this headband are the same so you don't have to worry about a "wrong" and "right" side here.

You will then take your tapestry needle and begin to whip stitch the two end together.

fasten your yarn off and weave any loose ends into the headband. Turn the headband so the whip stitched part is on the inside. Your Ear Warmer is ready to go!

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