Crochet Plant Koozie - with Macramé Cord!

Updated: Jun 19

I love making macramé plant hangers, but sometimes you want the look of macramé without having to hang something from the ceiling. This Macramé Plant Koozie was the perfect way to bring macramé and crochet together into one project. Crocheting with macramé cord can be a little tough since the cord is thicker and not as soft as yarn, but the benefit is the cord will create more structure depending on what you're making.

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For this Plant Koozie I used 3mm macramé cord. You can use larger cord but this will change the size of your plant koozie and you will need to adjust your hook size.

For this size macramé cord, I found that a Crochet Hook Size N worked best. This Crochet Hook Set was perfect and comes with stitch markers and needles that will also be helpful for the Plant Koozie pattern.

There are a few things to keep in mind for this pattern. For each round, the first stitch will be in the first sc in the previous round. You do not need to do a slip stitch to join the rounds for this pattern. Parenthesis will notate how many stitches will be made in the round. For example, (12), will mean 12 total stitches for that round.

For the Magic Circle part of the pattern you can substitute this by making a chain 3 and connecting the chain with a slip stitch, then making the 6sc in the circle you made.

This pattern uses 4 different stitches. The stitches will be abbreviated as follows:

Sc – single crochet

Sl st – slip stitch

Inc – Increase (To increase you make 2 sc in one stitch)

Scblo – single crochet in the back loop

I like This Set of 6 Pots which includes a 5 inch pot that will fit perfectly in this plant koozie. For the other pots in this set try a macramé plant hanger from My Shop

We will begin with the bottom of the plant holder. You will begin by making a Magic Circle with 6sc.

Round 2 – Inc in each stitch around (12)

Round 3 – sc in first stitch, Inc in the next stitch. *sc in next stitch, inc.* Repeat from * to * around(18)

Round 4 - sc in first stitch, Inc in the next stitch. *sc in next stitch, inc.* Repeat from * to * around(24)

Round 5 - sc in first stitch, Inc in the next stitch. *sc in next stitch, inc.* Repeat from * to * around(30)

Now to begin the outer shell of the koozie

Round 6 – scblo around(30)

Round 7-12 – sc around(30)

Round 13 – sl st around(30)

Tie off and weave in end.

This plant koozie will fit a 5 inch pot.

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