Coffee Coozie Pattern

Updated: Feb 9

This crochet coffee coozie is perfect when you're on the go and picking up your favorite coffee or tea. This coozie can be done in an hour and uses a simple single crochet stitch. To get this pattern I alternate single crochet stitches with a ch.1 so really you are doing a single crochet in every other stitch. This is stitched in one piece and you could either slip stitch the sides together or do a whip stitch with a tapestry needle. I prefer the whip stitch as it gives you a better seam.

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15 yards/.5oz of size 4 medium weight yarn

I used 1 skein of Impeccable Yarn by Loops & Threads (This was more than enough yarn)

Size 5 crochet hook

I love this Clover Crochet Hook because it has a nice ergonomic handle

Tapestry Needle

This Set works great

Notes This pattern uses all single crochet stitches. You will alternate between a single crochet and chain 1 as you will be doing a single crochet in every other stitch to create the pattern.

This pattern also has an Increase on some of the rows. The increase is worked on the beginning and end of each row as you will add an additional chain 1 and single crochet at the beginning and end of these rows.


sc - single crochet

ch - chain

st - stitch

Foundation Row

Ch 38

Row 1

sc in second st from hook. *ch 1, skip st, sc in next st. Repeat from * until the end of the row. You will have 19 sc total for the row.

Row 2

ch 1, sc in the first st, ch 1, skip st, sc in the next st. (19) (You will be doing single crochets in the single crochets from the previous row - not the chain space)

Row 3

ch 1, sc in the first st, ch 1, sc in the SAME st. (this is your increase). *ch 1, skip st, sc in the next st. Repeat from * until the last st where you will do the increase again. In the last st - sc in st, ch 1, sc again. (21)

Row 4-6

Repeat row 2 instructions and you will end with 21 sc total in this row.

Row 7

This is an increase row so you will repeat row 3 instructions and you will have 23 sc total for this row.

Row 8-10

Repeat row 2 ending with 23 sc total.

Whip stitch the sides together with your tapestry needle and tie off. weave in any loose ends. Now place it on your coffee cup and you're ready to go!

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