A Few of My Favorite Things

Updated: Nov 14

Over the last few years I have acquired quite a few tools for crochet and crafting. I have tried to narrow this post down to a few must have items if you are new to crochet and want to get the basics. I have also purchased yarn from several places so I have listed my favorites below.

Click on any of the pictures below to see where you can purchase my favorite items!

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WeCrochet from KnitPicks has a huge selections of tools and yarn. You can usually get free shipping when ordering $35 worth of product too!

I also get A LOT of yarn from

Tapestry Needles are a must when making garments. These are great as you get different sizes. My favorite are the red bent needles here.

I love these stitch markers. They are simple and the perfect size. I actually didn't start using these until recently and they are SO helpful!

Clover Hooks are also really nice to use. They have sets or you can purchase them individually. I have Carpal Tunnel so it rarely flares up with this ergonomic design.

I have this wonderful purse organizer that has so many little pockets for all of my tools. It's so convenient when changing purses or bags. They have different sizes too!

Here is how I use mine. I chose the polka dot one which you can see a bit of below. I like to put it in my Camellia Tote Bag. You can learn more about this tote and others in my blog post HERE.

This is a great Blocking Set that comes with the mat as well as pins. You also get a nice storage/carrying case. I use these for blocking granny squares or anything else that I want to keep shape for.

These items will help you get started with crochet. I'm always adding to this list as I discover new tools so check back often!


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