5 Sweaters to Crochet this Year: All Levels

Updated: Feb 9

I LOVE sweaters! Primarily cardigans. When fall hits I am all about the layers and staying cozy and warm. This morning in Virginia it was 34 degrees! Brrrrrrrr. I have been doing a massive amount of crocheting this year and normally I crochet things like blankets, beanies and accessories. Those are pretty popular go-to items.

As I was searching through patterns I came across several cardigans and sweaters that were so cute. I often stay away from sewing clothing because I just never liked the way it turned out or fit me. I had never tried crocheting though so I thought what the heck! I'll give it a try.

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The first cardigan that I highly recommend making(because this is the first one I made and loved it) is the Staycation Cardigan, found HERE. The yarn suggested for this pattern and what I used is the Lion Brand Touch of Alpaca, color Jade. I try my best to find yarn locally. If I can't find what I need locally I then try Lion Brand Online or WeCrochet. You can Lastly I will try Amazon. You might be surprised that Amazon will actually have the highest price for yarn and the actual brand website is lower or has different promotions so make sure to look around!

This was my first time crocheting a cardigan and I found the pattern very helpful. The pattern was easy to understand and there were great pictures to assure me I was on the right track. Sometimes you will find free patterns for crocheting, but usually if you pay for a pattern you get access to a lot more pictures and details not to mention assistance from the designer if you need it. They also sometimes include video tutorials which I love. If you are a beginner I would suggest purchasing a pattern for extra assistance.

You can see the finished product below. I also had a leftover skein so I decided to create a small shawl for Nora. I went with a simple one piece and created my own pattern which you can find HERE . You can find this pattern and more in the pattern section of my blog. We took a trip out to Shenandoah National Park which was a great opportunity to wear our sweaters and take some pictures. A big thank you to my husband for being our photographer as well!

After completing this cardigan I was excited to move onto some more sweaters as we prepare for the cold Virginia weather. I took a look at some more patterns from Make & Do Crew and fell in love with this Alpine Poncho found HERE . The yarn used for this pattern is Lion Brand Touch of Alpaca, color Taupe. I love the shawl look of the sweater. I think this will be slightly easier than the previous sweater as you are not doing any increase or decrease stitches, which can be a little tricky.

Here is the finished product. This shawl came together great. Once you get the cluster pattern down it moves very quickly. I wanted to create a similar look for my daughter so I came up with a shawl that used the same stitch. I used one skein for her shawl and you can find the free pattern HERE. We visited a cute local park in Culpeper and you can tell winter is approaching quickly!

The final sweater I made in fall 2019 is the Rosewood Cardigan found HERE. I like the lightweight look of this cardigan and I think the color will be great in spring. It uses a lightweight cotton/bamboo yarn so it won't be too heavy as the weather warms up. The yarn used here is Lion Brand Caboo - color Mauve. They have several choices of colors if pink is not your thing.

This cardigan took probably twice the amount of time as the other two because it uses a smaller yarn, but I loved the way it came out and you can see so much detail in it. Below you can see how it came out. I made a size small since I am short and didn't want it to be too long. You'll probably notice I wore this for our baby announcement! It's a perfect larger sweater that will still fit(hopefully) when I'm in the later stage of pregnancy. I also included a picture with our pups so they wouldn't feel left out!

I look forward to wearing this light sweater throughout the spring.

Well here we are in 2020 and I have begun a new batch of sweaters for the winter. I'm so excited to add this 4th cardigan to the blog! I am trying to make at least a couple of sweaters each year so I hope to add one more by the end of 2020! Keep scrolling to see my next sweater project.

The Dusk Cape by allaboutami can be found HERE for free and she also has a pattern you can purchase without ads on Etsy or Ravelry. I love the drape of this cardigan and the Truboo yarn is SO SOFT! You can find the yarn at Lion Brand online.

It is also available on Amazon, but make sure to check both to get the best deal. Lion Brand has a kit you can purchase which actually comes out to be A LOT cheaper!

The yarn is thin, but it makes it so worth it when you feel the final product and see how it drapes so nicely. This technically doesn't have "sleeves" so it could be worn in slightly warmer weather.

The last sweater I made is the Static Sweater by Stephanie Erin. Found HERE. This sweater is totally different than what I have normally made, but uses a thin yarn like I used in the Rosewood Cardigan and the Dusk Cape. These are called fingering yarns. I think they really help add detail and drape well when used with garments.

This sweater was relatively easy in the sense that you only use one stitch, but difficult because it has many increases. You start with the neckline so you make the ribbing first and then crochet in a circle to make the yoke, increases every few stitches. If you aren't careful about your stitch counts your sizing will be totally off. I loved these stitch markers to help me stay on track.

I was pretty tired in these pictures since I was caring for a 2 1/2 year old and a 6 month old. Hopefully I'll get a chance to take a few more soon to add here!

For this sweater I used Palette Yarn from WeCrochet. I think I would make another version of this sweater using Comfy Fingering Yarn. It's a little softer and could be used for warmer weather garments.

I purchased this sweater Pattern on Ravelry. If you haven't checked out Ravelry they have a great site where you can purchase patterns but also list your projects and track them so you don't forget about them. This helps me stay organized and I can prioritize which project to do when and set deadlines for myself. You can also write reviews of patterns and see pictures of what others have made with a pattern. Check

out My Ravelry page to see more of my projects.

If you are new to crocheting and you're not sure what supplies you need visit A Few of My Favorite Things to see some must haves!

I hope this helps in your search for great projects and designs. I would love to see what you are making so be sure to comment below.

Thanks for reading!

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